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Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are an interesting response to wooden parquet. At first glance, they are no different
from boards, but their construction is completely different. Their amazing advantage is attractive
prices concerning very high-quality products.

Laminate floors consist of laminated panels of several layers:

  • Overlay - the highest layer resistant to abrasion, which depends on how quickly the panel will be damaged during use.
  • Decor - a layer of decorative paper imitating wood, stone, tiles, etc.
  • HDF (High-Density Fibreboard) carrier board made of pressed wood fibers - this layer depends on how the panel will behave in contact with moisture, as well as its hardness and strength.
  • Back pressure layer, eliminating surface stresses.

Abrasion classes

Panels occur in the so-called abrasion classes: AC1 to AC6, where AC1 is the lowest abrasion (panels in this class are unlikely to be found in the store), and AC6 means the most abrasion classes Panels occur in the so-called abrasion classes: AC1 to AC6, where AC1 is the lowest abrasion (panels in this class are unlikely to be found in the store), and AC6 means the most abrasion-resistant floors.

HDF board

When preparing to buy panels, pay close attention to the density of the HDF board, because its moisture resistance depends to a large extent on this. For example, our laminated Berry Alloc panels have a very high density, over 900 kg / m3, while many other manufacturers are content with a density of up to 600 kg / m3. Remember that moisture exposure causes the low-density panel to warp and its edges to lift.n resistant floors.

Advantages of laminated floors:

Durability. Laminate panels are a type of floor that is very durable and should be able to be used successfully for 15-20 years. Due to their durability, panels are often used in commercial rooms, offices, shops, sports halls, etc. Thanks to the laminated floors surface, the panels are resistant to impact, abrasion, staining, the decor does not change under the influence of light. Berry Alloc offers a lifetime warranty on its panels, used in living quarters.

Easy to keep clean.

Laminate floors are low maintenance and can be  washed with a regular mop, preferably using a special panel cleaner. The only thing to pay attention to is to prevent panels that - like wood - don't like water from getting wet.

Waterproof panels. Although panels as a group of wood-based floors do not like water, laminate floors are produced resistant to moisture and soaking. They can be installed in bathrooms (e.g. Riviera Berry Alloc collection).

Easy and quick assembly. The floors are laid in a floating system, without using glue, fastening them with zippers. This is done simply, and without complications, often even the help of an editor is not needed.

A large selection of decors. The decor, technology is now so advanced that it is often difficult to know if it is a panel or a natural wooden floor. The number of designs is huge.

Price. Laminate floors are generally cheaper than wooden floors, although there are laminates from the top shelf, where these prices are beginning to be comparable.


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